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Agricultural data sharing platform



Naomi Afenkhena, Celsie Huls, Andrei Letinu and Sanne van Lieshout


Our challenge was to create a platform where agricultural data can be shared. This sharing will speed up development of smart farm robots, who can make farming more sustainable by for example pixel-cropping. The challenge lies in making this platform as open-access as possible. All companies should get an opportunity to access this data. At the same time, the platform should be able to make a profit and tech companies need to be convinced to actually share their data.


The outcome of this project are our platform systems, for multiple points in time we have created ideas on the functioning behind this platform, with for example the money stream and possible incentives. A prototype of the platform was made to illustrate these platform systems. This gives the company and future stakeholders an idea of the looks of such a platform. Another important outcome is the overview we made. Here all the information we have gathered is organized and next steps are given, a next team can use this and add their insights to this overview. Lastly a video was made, this video helps to explain this project to a next team or possible stakeholders.



In Q1 our main focus was the context dossier, we did a lot of research on agriculture in the Global South and data. We created a company deliverable where we looked at the technical viability and economic feasibility of the platform. We also did research into some similar projects, focused on the Global South. While doing all of this research we have included sources from the Global South to make sure that their view is actually represented.



In this quartile we shifted our focus from farmers in the Global South to tech companies in the Netherlands. We made this shift because the technology is still in a beginning stage, which means the tech companies right here play the most important role at the moment. We made two systems behind our platform, one for the future and one for right now. These systems focused on money streams and possible incentives. We gathered all the decisions we took in our DMB and started on a prototype website for the platform.



During this quartile the main focus was delivering our project to the next group. To make this go as smoothly as possible we made an overview in Miro with all of our research and the next steps we think need to be done. We also made a movie that helps to understand the project and our goal with it. Apart from that we fine-tuned the website prototype of the platform.

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