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Creating a circular bedframe

Niaga – Ward Mosmuller
Auping – Wouter Dijkman


Anne Eijkelkamp, Erina Böck, Nevin Heeman, Wim van den Dikkenberg


Niaga and Auping challanged us to find a suitable new material for the Auronde bedframe. While making sure that the looks and feel of the current model would be the same.


It is not possible to conclude that the materials are completely suitable for being used in a bedframe. However, the material list creates possibilities for further research. And the two possible materials create a least a more sustainable /partly circular bedframe. Which then can help to make the bedding industry more circular.



Circular economy and the bedding industry were two fields that were quite new to all of us. Therefore we first researched the fields through research papers and publication by institutions such as the Ellen MacArthur foundation and the governments, the circular economy and the bedding industry and the relationship between those two. The end result was a context dossier providing insights into the circular economy and the bedding industry.

Q1 Niaga.png


We focused on finding new possible materials which were suited for the bedframe. Therefore we first created a list with all the materials and their properties, examples of those properties were: humidity, strengths, suitability. Based on the properties we selected 5 materials we would further test in the third quartile to see if they were really suited for a bedframe. The outcome was a compressive list with material information and 5 selected materials.

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These quartile was all about testing the materials we had chosen from the list. We needed to build our own test setup for being able to that. After this we tested the different materials to see which one would fit.
The result is a test setup for material testing, insights to the different materials and two new possible suitable bedframe materials.

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