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A Day in the Life of a Pig



Jasmin Gatcheva, Silvia Teisanu, Hieke van Heesch, Nikki Okkels


We were tasked with investigating the possible pathways and solutions to improving animal welfare by using a dynamic lighting system,  while also understanding the needs of the different stakeholders involved.  The main goal was making a visualisation of the adaptable dynamic lighting system to explain how it operates and make clear what the solution could offer as benefits.


The outcome of the project was an animated video that described the functionality and applicability of a dynamic lighting system that can be used to improve the wellbeing of farm animals. All information used in the video is backed up by research and not biased. The demands and needs of stakeholders, namely farmers were taken into account and so such a video could be used to influence them into implementing the system which may result in a better living environment for their animals.



During the first quartile we gathered loads of information in order to understand the different stakeholders involved in the animal produce sector. This involved reviewing a lot of academic papers as well as articles made by farmers’ unions and animal rights NGOs. All information was compiled into an ecological pie describing the complex relations between the stakeholders.



In the second quartile we dived even deeper in the industry. We conducted interviews with animal welfare experts, farm and slaughterhouse employees and gathered first-hand information and experience. A consumer survey was made in order to get a bigger grasp into what the general public has as buying habits. With all that new knowledge we made the first prototype of the visualization of the lighting system.



In the last quartile we concentrated on delivering a finished product by improving our prototype. We also continued gathering information in order to use data backed up by research into our visualization. We got our first-hand experience by going to a big farm, which was used as inspiration when modeling the virtual barn in what ended being an animated video that described the different ways a dynamic lighting system can influence the life and wellbeing of pigs. 

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